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CHEMRAR Hi-Tech Center

ChemRar is a unique pharma and biotechnology conglomerate built in Russian Federation by highly innovative life science R&D organizations, discovering, developing and commercializing novel drugs for partners in Russia and worldwide. The mission of the company is to develop and commercialise existing drugs on the basis of novel “post-genomic” technologies used for treatment of cancer, infectious, cardiovascular and central nervous system (CNS) diseases as well metabolic disorders. ChemRar performs a full cycle of pre-clinical and clinical research of new molecules including screening and identification of the essential biological targets for new molecules, synthesis and research of new molecules as well as full cycle of production.

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Chemical Diversity Research Institute (CDRI)

(CDRI) - is a contract research organization focused on pre-clinical and clinical R&D from target identification to clinical candidate nomination and Proof of Concept in human. CDRI sees its mission in enabling discovery and development of innovative therapies for unmet needs utilizing highest expertise and innovation potential of Russian scientists with integrated external R&D solutions of Discovery outSource™ platforms. Since 1990 we continue extending quality R&D services in CNS, oncology, inflammation, CV and metabolic disease area to the pharma and biotech partners.

CDRI’s collaboration network encompasses hundreds of scientific institutions and individual research groups in Russia, CIS countries and rest of the world. The Institute has established broad cooperation with the Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia and other in science and education fields. CDRI offers internships, graduate and postdoctoral positions to young scientists, attracting returnees with US and European industrial experience thus enhancing the core basic and application sciences and pharmaceutical industrial expertise in Russian Federation.

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DRUGS TECHNOLOGY, Ltd. is the pharmaceutical development company.
DRUGS TECHNOLOGY is created on the basis of Chemical Diversity Research Institute, Russia. CDRI is  the big scientific and technical complex which is engaged in the combinatory synthesis and high-speed screening of biologically active molecules.

DRUGS TECHNOLOGY is the service company which gives vast spectrum of qualitative services for pharmaceutical companies essentially by development modern effective hi-tech and highly profitable generics.

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